Security matters at back to school time!!!Back to School


As a parent, sending your child to school, off into a world without you, can be an anxious time. Give yourself some peace of mind by following these safety tips to make sure they stay safe on the way to school, in the classroom, and after school. Have a great year!


Before the first day of school, make sure your child knows where the bus will pick him up and drop him off. For younger children, try to coordinate with other parents so there is an adult there each morning.


If your child is riding his bike to school, make sure he always wears a helmet and understands the rules of the road — bicycles are considered a vehicle, and therefore must abide by the same traffic laws as cars.


If your child is walking to school, review and walk the route several times with them before the first day. When school starts, have them walk to school with other children in your neighborhood, and preferably an adult. Instruct them to never get into a car with someone they do not know and accept gifts from strangers.   This online video is designed to provide school aged children with empowering, practical and effective ways to escape an aggressor or abductor.



Bullying isn’t just a nuisance that you child should put up with — it can be a serious danger to his physical and emotional well-being and should be treated as such.   This website provides information and an ongoing discussion on the common targets of bullying. It then takes a hard look at what to do about bullying problems and what resources to use when bullying occurs.

The National Crime Prevention Council suggests all parents teach their children to:

  • Memorize their name and address, including city and state
  • Memorize their phone numbers (home and/or cell), including area code
  • Use a phone to make local, long distance, 411 and 911 calls or to reach the operator
  • Check in with you or a neighbor immediately after arriving home
  • Never go into the home if a door is ajar or a window is broken
  • Operate doors and window locks
  • Answer the doorbell and phone safely
  • Never go into anyone else’s home without your permission
  • Avoid walking or playing alone
  • Understand that a stranger is someone neither you nor they know well
  • Run to the nearest public place, neighbor or safe house if they feel they’re being followed, either on foot or by a car
  • Tell you if anyone asks them to keep a secret, offers them gifts or money or asks to take their picture
  • Always tell you if something happened when they were away from you that made them feel uncomfortable in any way


In this day an age we have a variety of technology available to help us to keep safeguard our children and keep track of them for safety and peace of mind.

Once a child reaches home your smart home security system can notify you that they have arrived safely and even send you video of you child entering the home.

With the addition on interior cameras to the system you can have the ability to look in on them and see what they are up to at any given time. Now that’s peace of mind not only knowing they are home safely but being able to see them.

We all know the world today is a much different place than it was 30 or 40 years ago. We are all so busy with the hustle and bustle of work, school, sports, church, and a plethora of other activities we may not even be aware of what’s going on in our own neighborhood. Take a few moments out of your busy life and meet your neighbors, shake their hand and introduce your kids to them. The more we watch out for each other the safer our neighborhoods and our families will be.

Share this information with your family and prepare you children for the world that’s out there. Have a wonderful and safe school year.