As I retired from the military in 1999 I was unsure what my future held. Having entered the US Army at the ripe old age of 17 I did not have allot of experience in the workplace other than my first job at Long John Silver’s seafood during high school.  So as I prepared to make my way in the civilian world I took count of the many attributes an employer might look for and how the military had instilled them in me.  I had developed a strong work ethic, a can do attitude, and a never give up mindset.  In my time in the Army Rangers our creed taught us to continue the mission though you were the loan survivor.  I carried that mentality into every aspect of my life.

After applying for a large variety of positions a friend of mine and former soldier himself  referred me to the company he was working for.  It was a national security company and they immediately set me up for an interview.  To make a long story short I was hired and started to work as a security consultant the following day.   My first month with the company I sold 56 units.  Gradually I begin to learn more and more about the security industry and the workings of the company and after 3 months I was asked to be  an assistant branch manager.  After taking on a bigger role in in the branch one day the Regional manager asked me to meet him for lunch. We met and he asked me to step up and take over as the Branch manager. So there I was after 6 months in the security industry running my own office.  Within months we set a company sales record and I was asked to take the role of regional manager and be responsible for offices in 4 states.   After a year of being on the road 6 days a week I decided  to look for another opportunity that did not require so much time away from my family.

After about a year of running a merchant services company I began to look at other opportunities in the security industry.   I  was hired by a growing regional security company as a regional manager.  After several years with the company I was promoted to Vice President of Sales.  The next year the company was acquired by another national security company.  After the acquisition I was promoted to the Division president for the high volume residential division of that company.

A few years later I rejoined with the partners of a previous company and together we built a 30 Million dollar a year security company called Power Home Technologies.   I served as both the VP of Sales  and  VP of operations for that company.  I worked in that company for 8 years.  After a 3 years hiatus I was able to rejoin with Power Home Technologies,LLC. Where   I am currently serving as the Vice President Of Business development.